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villa Nadia Corbeni

Villa Nadia GPS positioning:   45.2513384445, 24.6546706888
City: Corbeni
Distance to station: 12.73 km
Distance from city centre: 6.07 km

villa Nadia 2**

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Address: Oești-Pămintenii, Corbeni, Transfăgărășan, DN7C, Nr. 415, Argeș, Romania

Description villa Nadia

Nadia Boarding House is located on the left side of the national road Dn7c 10 km from Manastinea Curtea de Arges and 10 km from the Poienari Fortress.Baraj Vidraru 12 km.Balea Lake 60km
Accommodation facilities: refrigerator, horse-drawn sled, TV in living room, ATV, wireless internet, disco, cable internet, currency exchange, parking, garden / yard, barbecue / barbeque, living room, orchard, playground, restaurant, holiday vouchers.

Updated: 14.11.2019