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pension La Ancuta Ramnicu Sarat

Pension La Ancuta GPS positioning:   45.3734068696, 27.0319247246
City: Ramnicu Sarat
Distance to station: 2.13 km
Distance from city centre: 2.32 km

pension La Ancuta 2**

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: DN2E85 km.143 300 / Cod 127660 Oreavul

Prices Pension La Ancuta

4 Ian 2021 - 31 Dec 2021
Room type
Price / room Price / Single
Price / weekend
Double room
50 RON 50 RON 50 RON Info
Double room twin beds
50 RON 50 RON 50 RON Info

Description pension La Ancuta

The guesthouse is located at the entrance to the municipality of Ramnicu Sarat in the direction of Bucharest.
The pension "La Ancuta" offers you, at the lowest prices, a comfortable stay and the possibility of a moment of recreation during your trip on National Road 2 (DN2 / E85). We have at your disposal 5 rooms equipped with private bathroom , cable television and wireless internet.
Also the unit has a restaurant with a capacity of 100 seats and a terrace for the summer period of 60 places with a daily program 09.00-24.00 where you can serve a pension menu a la carte menu, regional goodies, as well as the diversified menu of to other regions in the country and abroad.

Updated: 20.01.2021