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villa Villa Predelus Valea Doftanei

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City: Valea Doftanei

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Address: com. Valea Doftanei, sat Traisteni, str. Castelului nr. 461, jud. Prahova
Villa Villa Predelus
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Description villa Villa Predelus

In the middle of the mountains, just 130 km away from Bucharest: Villa Predelus, Baiului Mountains, Doftana Valley.
We are expecting you all year long, grandparents, parents, children, with food from your home that you can prepare here, or it can be prepared by a housewife, for a cost.
We look forward to celebrating the special events in your life (birthdays, anniversaries).
- Maximum capacity 20persons (7 doubles, 2 triples); all the rooms have TVs and satellite signal.
- 5 bathrooms , 3 of them on the ground floor, 2 on the 1st floor;
- Central heating;
- TV satellite: widescreen TV in the livingroom;
- TV lounge;
- Audio system;
- Karaoke mixer, 2 mics - optional
- Ambient light - disco laser- optional
- Projector and projection screen - optional
- Wii - optional
- Living room of 80 m2, with fireplace
- Lounge 35 m2;
- Available kitchen (including required dishes)
- Dishwasher - optional
- Refrigerators, freezer,
- Microwave, kitchen robot, coffee filters,
- Space for food storage;
- Pool table;
- Flipchart;
- Table tennis, rummy, chess, backgammon, darts, badminton, volleyball, basketball, hammocks;
- Swings;
- Trampoline diameter 3 m, max 100 kg - optional
- Archery - optional
- Petanque - ball game
- Terrace, barbecue, firewood;
- 3 dining areas (1 indoors, 2 outdoors) a minimum of 20 persons each;
- Hiking possibility, soccer, sled ride, hunting, fishing, trips to the sheepfold

The house is well and evenly heated, ideal for families with young children. All the guest rooms are located upstairs.
All rooms have PVC double glazing and the house is insulated.
The villa is suitable for occupation by a single group or a maximum of two different groups at the same time in the summer. Last-minute bookings are possible for a single night. Do not hesitate to contact us for details and bookings by email, we will reply promptly.

If the villa is not available we recommend Villa Coasta Tare, Cabanele la Boboc or Villa Briza, which are also self-catering. For full board we recommend Pensiunea Iordache. Full list of villas and hostels in Doftana Valley (Valea Doftanei), phone numbers, accommodation capacity, location, can be found on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/vilapredelus.

You drive on DN1 to Campina, then there are 30 km to Valea Doftanei (you pass Paltinu Dam and Paltinu Lake - a very beautiful view), follow an unpaved but not difficult road - 7 km - from the end of the village Traisteni (Valea Doftanei) to Valea Neagra, Podul Musitei. There are only, quite secluded in the mountains, holiday homes and hostels.

You will come here as guests and will return as friends. :)
You're welcome here!

Updated: 25.02.2021