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hostel Taxi Hostel Bucuresti

Hostel Taxi Hostel GPS positioning:   44.5534978, 26.0736128
City: Bucuresti
Distance to station: 11.83 km
Distance from city centre: 14.05 km

hostel Taxi Hostel 3***

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Hostel Taxi Hostel
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Description hostel Taxi Hostel

TAXI HOSTEL is a newly constructed and modern hostel aimed as a lodging place especially for young travellers Firstly, the hostel is very easy to access and provides clients with one free transfer to/from the Otopeni Airport. Second, as the taxi industry is flourishing globally (the taxi service embedding various methods of transport, from taxi cars, water taxis, camel taxis, mule taxis, bycicle taxis and even human taxis) and filled with vivid, colourful and interesting people, many of which have quite a few stories to tell, we’ve decided to support the taxi driver family, offering them a discount. Third, we enjoy the music of the romanian band Taxi, and thus we wish the band members and all of their fans be at our hotel and in our Irish Pub (fitted with a live music stage) as often as possible. Thus, all members of Taxi have free service at our Hostel. TAXI HOSTEL is placed at the heart of Otopeni, exclusively designed as a youth hostel. It is set in a 4-story newly constructed building, put to use in 2012, specifically as a hostel for young travellers. It is located 5 minutes by car / 20 minutes by foot to the Otopeni Airport, Baneasa Zoo, the Otopeni Water Park and Baneasa Shopping City. The center of Bucharest is at 20 minutes by bus Around the hotel you can find an open market, a non-stop supermarket and various stores and restaurants.

Updated: 04.12.2016