Accommodations in Valenii De Munte

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accommodation Valenii De Munte
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Accommodations Valenii De Munte

- 4 Accommodation units with offers of accommodation Valenii De Munte
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accommodation Valenii De Munte : 10 /10 , Number of recorded votes: 2

1. 2*

Number of accommodatin places: 150    Number of rooms: 60     distanta centru 0.44(km from the city center)
Room type Price
Double room twin beds from 200 RON

2. Classified according to Minstry

Number of accommodatin places: 22    Number of rooms: 8     distanta centru 5638.55(km from the city center)

3. 1*

Number of accommodatin places: 8    Number of rooms: 4     distanta centru 10.77(km from the city center)

4. 1*

Number of accommodatin places: 99    Number of rooms: 99     distanta centru 0.32(km from the city center)