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chalet Denisa Arieseni

Chalet Denisa GPS positioning:   46.4638137969, 22.7759995703
City: Arieseni
Distance from city centre: 2.18 km

chalet Denisa 2**

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Address: Comuna Arieseni, Sat Dealul Bajului, Nr. 259, Judetul Alba
Chalet Denisa
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Description chalet Denisa

Denisa Cabana invites you to spend your holidays, weekends holidays on the beautiful lands of Tara Moti: skiing, trekking, hiking, speleology.
The cottage is situated in Arieseni village Bajului Hill. To get there go to the center of the village guard Arieseni above (DN 75) by Juliana hostel right, cross the bridge over the river Aries and more go through 500 meters.
The place is quiet, in the distance you can see the mountains, the air is tonic. Hillside location offers a breathtaking view.
The location has 2 rooms with 2 beds, 3 rooms with 3 beds and one room with 4 beds.
We offer two large living rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

- Hiking in the mountains;
- Sledding hill on which stands the cottage;
- Visit the artisans of Patrahaitesti;
- Discover life on the farm (milking, planting, mowing, etc..)
- Skiing, sledging parties from Vârtop (10 km);
- Picking berries, mushrooms;
- Access by car (during summer) and winter road vehicles;
- Parking;
- Satellite TV;
- Place for sledding;
- Central heating;
- Hour hot water;
- Dining room available;
- Equipped kitchen;
- Sleigh (on request);
- Place for campfire;
- Grill;
- Camping spaces;
- Own farm;
- Accept pets in the yard;
- Place for the beach;
- Turret;
- Mobile coverage;
Your hosts are young, friendly, dynamic and will make your stay at Chalet Denisa be unforgettable.

You are welcome!

Updated: 06.06.2023