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pension Casa Motului Arieseni

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City: Arieseni

pension Casa Motului 4****

Phone: (+4) 0743 040 556 / 0751 220 498 / 0258 779 089 ( Contact: Ioan Mocan)
Address: Arieseni, Sat Galbena nr. 468, jud. Alba

Prices Pension Casa Motului

20 Mar 2024 - 1 Ian 2025
Room type
Price / room Price / Single
Price / weekend
Breakfast included
400 RON 350 RON Info
Triple room
Breakfast included
430 RON 250 RON Info
Single room
Breakfast included
250 RON 250 RON Info
Double room
Breakfast included
300 RON 250 RON Info
Double room twin beds
Breakfast included
300 RON 250 RON Info

Description pension Casa Motului

Far away from the busy city, in the middle of nature in the Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania, Casa Motului Bed & Breakfast offers an oasis of peace and tranquility especially created for the family environment. Our purpose is to spread our hospitable ancestors’ idea that tradition and family are sacred. Therefore, we have created a place filled with high spirits that will make you forget about your mundane worries. Thanks to the atmosphere we create and the jaw-dropping surroundings, time will have a whole different meaning. You can choose from rooms and apartments that can accommodate one, two or more persons. For your satisfaction our hotel can accommodate up to 30 people. The design is thought as a welcoming house according to tradition, in a rustic decor, with hand-woven bedclothes from linen and hemp. In order to keep our tradition, which states that the family has the highest importance, Casa Motului B&B takes care of your loved ones! We have built a special room that is designed especially for kids. Here they will find all kinds of toys and games and we will watch them so that parents can make other plans.

Also, we are at your disposal with information about the amazing area that surrounds us – Apuseni Mountains- Arieseni. All the people who enjoy the mountain, nature and outdoor activities can find nice accommodation in Bed & Breakfast and Guesthouses and visit our surroundings here in Transilvania, surroundings that are filled with tourist attractions from fortified churches and monasteries, wooden churches, old water mills, historical museums and memorial houses, to the old roman mines of Rosia Montana, botanical reservations, natural attractions (such as waterfalls), geological (limestone, detritus) and speleological (caves, grottos and glaciers) attractions. The superb sceneries, caves, waterfalls and unique rock formations make Transylvania and especially the Apuseni Mountains a true treasure we invite you to discover or rediscover. After you have taken it all in, we, at Casa Motului, offer traditional rich meals, made from healthy and natural ingredients, accompanied with fine wines, in a traditional, welcoming and unique atmosphere. Regardless of the event, we offer a concept which is beyond a bed and a meal. Casa Motului proposes a warm and harmonious atmosphere in this corner of nature to offer you unforgettable memories.

We look forward to your visit!

Updated: 19.04.2024