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pension Cremona Baia Mare

Pension Cremona GPS positioning:   47.6533420087, 23.5848908475
City: Baia Mare
Distance to station: 2.53 km
Distance from city centre: 0.76 km
Distance to ski : 14.84 km

pension Cremona 3***

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Address: Baia Mare, Str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 26, jud. Maramures
Pension Cremona
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Description pension Cremona

Cremona Motel offers accommodation in Baia Mare tourists and delegates, in a central, quiet, superb location for. accommodation sports groups, arts under hotel, motel with booking in advance. Hotel provides 17 beds in 7 rooms, 3 star rated. We offer parking in the courtyard, meeting room for group dining hall (breakfast, lunch, dinner). For relaxation you have a patio, swimming pool with jacuzzi, garden and services you do not find in other hostels in Baia Mare.
You're welcome.
Accommodation Facilities: refrigerator in unit, ping-pong, channel TV, wireless Internet, Pets, parking space, instead playing for. Children in the garden, pool, access to kitchen, laundry room, patio, grill / barbecue, living room, bar, restaurant.
Room Facilities: Internet in room, bathroom with shower room, bathroom with tub in the hall, balcony, central heating, TV channel.

Updated: 01.08.2020