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villa Floare De Colt Baile Herculane

Villa Floare De Colt GPS positioning:   44.8772595489, 22.4149168613
City: Baile Herculane
Distance to station: 2.63 km
Distance from city centre: 0.21 km

villa Floare De Colt 3***

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Address: Baile Herculane, Str. Florilor, Nr. 7

Description villa Floare De Colt

Enjoy a dream holiday in Baile Herculane, the outstanding town of thermal baths and of delight of the senses. The new buildings fit the scenery perfectly together with the old ones whose architecture approaches a Viennese baroque design. From some mountain climbs, it opens an extraordinary view on the whole town: the Cerna river with its astonishing bridges, the mountains with their proud peaks, including the rocks of Mehedinti Mountains which can truly take your breath away. The healing effect of the thermal waters, the clean ionized air make our resort an inspired choice for a holiday in an out of the ordinary location.

Placed at 200 meters away from the new center of Baile Herculane resort (U.G.S.R. area), on the right side of the direction of traveling upstream, Floare de Colt villa is a welcoming halt providing the tourists moments of peacefulness and relaxation.

Having a capacity of 20 Double type rooms, of which 16 can be booked as Twins type, a restaurant with 40 places, a Finnish dry sauna, 10 parking spots nearby the villa, Floare de Colt is the perfect place to escape your busy life and enjoy the comfort right in the heart of nature. Your accommodation is completed by the beauty and magic of the surroundings, the sensational view of the mountains, the physiotherapy and wellness medical services we bring you as well as the outdoors activities which will challenge your sportiness.

Enjoy a well-deserved holiday!

Updated: 22.05.2022