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Accomodation in pensions

resort Gclub Floarea Breaza

Resort Gclub Floarea GPS positioning:   45.1696484563, 25.6690192223
City: Breaza
Distance to station: 1.31 km
Distance from city centre: 2.09 km

resort Gclub Floarea 3***

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Address: Str. Banatului, nr. 3, Breaza, Prahova
Resort Gclub Floarea
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Description resort Gclub Floarea

Breaza resort is renowned for its proven beneficial qualities of air, recommended for all tourists and especially for those with respiratory or cardiovascular problems.
Flower resort is located in the Prahova Valley in Breaza, in a quiet location in the foothills Gurga, ideal for rest and relaxation and consists of pensions Iris, Hortensia, Narcisa, Brandusa, Ghiocel and offers: - 14 double rooms with bathroom and 8 double rooms with shared bathroom;
- Multifunctional sports ground by night;
- Cellar
- gym;
- Sauna
- playground;
- Wireless Internet;
- Parking with video surveillance;
- Bike rental;
- Patio with outdoor grill.
-aerotherapy on the tourist trail to the hill, at the base of which lies villas.

Updated: 22.05.2020