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villa Antonia Busteni

Villa Antonia GPS positioning:   45.421091, 25.52757
City: Busteni
Distance to station: 0.97 km
Distance from city centre: 0.91 km
Distance to ski : 3.21 km

villa Antonia 2**

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: str Matei Basarab nr 11

Description villa Antonia

Villa Antonia has 4 double rooms and 3 triple rooms.

It is located in the ski Kalinderul barrier provides a wonderful view of Mount Cross Caraiman and thus the Bucegi. From the station to the villa make about 10-15 min walk, 3 minutes by car.

All rooms have private bathroom and TV. The living room is very spacious, the kitchen is equipped with dishes, appliances, electric stove (no oven), fridge, large garden with barbeque.
We put at your disposal (surcharge) off-road excursions, trekking, full board meals in the restaurant Liziera (at 100 m from the villa)

Updated: 03.12.2023