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pension ANA Cavnic

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City: Cavnic

pension ANA 3***

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Address: CAVNIC, str.Unirii, nr.3

Description pension ANA

ANA's Guesthouse is located in Cavnic, at the foot of Gutai Mountains, on the county road Baia Mare-Cavnic-Sighetul Marmatiei, only 10 km from the wooden churches in Surdesti and Plopis and 20 km from Birsana Monastery, but secluded at 50 meters off the road.
For those who want to practice winter sports there are 7 ski slopes served by 5 ski lifts, or they can ride the lenker (sleigh specific to Cavnic).

We welcome you in a warm ambiance that combines traditional and rustic with peace and cleanliness.
We offer a terrace for relaxation, access to the river, playground, tennis table, barbecue, hammock and wooden swing.

Access to the SPA center (sauna, jacuzzis, salt water pool).

The meals are served in the dining room, where you will get to taste traditional dishes in a rustic ambiance, by the warmth of the fireplace.

The meals are prepared on request by establishing a menu proposed by the host (traditional) in collaboration with the clients, as diverse as possible.

"My offer for three meals a day consists of:"
* breakfast: cheeses (telemea, melted cheese, "de burduf"), homemade jams (bitter cherries, mountain blueberries, rosehip), butter, "peasant platter" with traditional products (some alternatives to this are: eggs, sausages, hot-dogs), tea, milk, coffee.
* lunch: various soups (chicken, beef, pork, with noodles or dumplings), steaks with garnishes and pickles, and for dessert various cakes and from the house horinca (tuica) of Maramures or a blueberry liqueur or raspberry Mountain.

All this will be diversified daily and from one meal to another, using a varied range of products (pork, vital, poultry) from our own production or from nearby farms. Examples: hunting medallion with forest currant sauce (cranberries), hollowed potatoes stuffed with wild mushrooms and "de burduf" cheese, polenta with sausage and pork ribs, "sarmale", cakes and homemade bread.

Updated: 18.05.2024