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pension Vladimir Ciocanesti

Pension Vladimir GPS positioning:   47.4961112721, 25.2593673351
City: Ciocanesti
Distance to station: 18.54 km
Distance from city centre: 2.32 km

pension Vladimir 2**

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: Str. Oita nr. 223

Description pension Vladimir

This Pension is situated at 20 km fr4om town VATRA DORNEI. It is very easy to find them by the door from entry (typical like from Maramures) The Pension have :
- 1 room whith 2 simple beds
-1 room whith 4 simple beds
2 rooms whith 1 double bed
Dining - room is have anaf space for breakfast , lunch or dinner ,or to organise some cultural activitys.
The pension have a professional kitchen where we can cook from romanian traditional menu or from europeean menu
The most of products are bio from our small private farm.
The pension is clasified to 2 fleurs (2 stars)
There are 2 bathroomswhith warm water , and inside of the pension we make warm whith fireplace.
In this area is much silence , In sommer time we organise can walk on mountins fron this area , or can use mountainbike, or horses .
For wintertime we have equipement complet for alpin or nordic ski .This materials is desinfected after every use.
We organise shows for Christmas, New Year , Easter ....

Updated: 27.01.2023