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Accomodation in pensions
 Bungalow Balea Transfagarasan GPS positioning:   ,
City: Cisnadioara
Distance to station: km
Distance from city centre: km

pension Bungalow Balea Transfagarasan 2**

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Address: Cirtisoara, nr. 711, jud. Sibiu


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  • Clean N/A
  • Comfort N/A
  • Staff 8
  • Services 8
  • Location N/A
  • Value for money N/A
  • Food N/A

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  • All (1)
  • Family with small children
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  • Group
Reviews: 1
  • Comentariu pentru  Bungalow Balea Transfagarasan

    Buna ziua,

    doresc sa mentionez ca am ajuns la aceasta pensiune unde am fost cazati in conditii foarte bune, baie in camere. Situarea ei este la 10 km de lacul Balea, un rau efectiv trece prin curtea pensiunii, am facut gratar acolo pe o terasa amenajata pe rau,avand toate ustensilele la dispozitie din partea proprietarilor.
    Toate bune!
    Adina Marinescu
    Bungalow Balea Transfagarasan : Buna Zoua. Va multumim ca ati ales sa ne fiti oaspeti. Suntem Mai poftiti si alta data. Cu stima, Ion Carastoian - 16.08.2010 16:45
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