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villa Ambiance Constanta

Villa Ambiance GPS positioning:   45.7621874, 22.9184749
City: Constanta

villa Ambiance

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: str Siretului nr 36

Description villa Ambiance

Villa Ambiance (D + p +1) is located 500 m from the Modern Beach and Tomis Seaport from Constanta and 500 meters from the historic center. It has a terrace on the first floor and spacious outdoor courtyard with barbeque and elegant terrace furnished with TV. The villa offers self-catering or restaurant, wi-fi, cable TV, natural cooling guaranteed.
Modern furnished unit is composed of 5 rooms: 2 rooms that have sofa. In all bedrooms can add extra bed.
  Also there are 3 bathrooms, one with bath and two shower rooms with dryer and free toiletries.
  A bus station is approx 100 m and the train station is 2 km. The villa has its own car park.
has it's own car park and offers one day tours.

  Minimum length of stay must be at least 2 days of travel.

Updated: 19.07.2024