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Accomodation in pensions
Vila Maia GPS positioning:   44.3797944, 28.6653498
City: Corbu
Distance to station: km
Distance from city centre: km

villa Maia 3***

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Address: Corbu, Str. Vasile Sasu nr. 22, jud. Constanta
villa Maia - Facilities
Air conditioning Air conditioning
Balcony Balcony
Fax Fax
Fridge in the room Fridge in the room
Fridge Fridge
Culinary specialties Culinary specialties
Barbeque Barbeque
Own bathroom Own bathroom
Heating Heating
Internet Internet
Cable Internet Cable Internet
Orchard Orchard
Living room Living room
Playground Playground
Breakfast / half board Breakfast / half board
Free parking on premise Free parking on premise
Bio products Bio products
Protection againts bugs Protection againts bugs
Dinning room Dinning room
TV in the living room TV in the living room
Terrace Terrace