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hotel Sunrise Si Satul Pescaresc Crisan

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City: Crisan

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Address: Crisan, jud. Tulcea

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11 Sep 2021 - 31 Oct 2021
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Description hotel Sunrise Si Satul Pescaresc

After a route that passes through 10 countries and 4 capitals, the Danube River forms the youngest land in Romania and Europe: the Danube Delta.
Located in the picturesque village of Crişan, the Sunrise Complex and Fisherman's Village is the perfect destination for nature lover, amateur and professional fishermen.
Crișan has its place on the tourist map of the Danube Delta, being recognized as one of the most exotic holiday destinations.
Sunrise is well-known as one of the few destinations in the Danube Delta, which offers complete touristic services: transfer by water with personal boats, accommodation in Hotel and in Bungalows with traditional architecture, similar fishing houses, deltaic cuisine restaurant and international dishes, as well as trips on channels and lakes, fishing in its premises, playground for children, unlimited access to the pool and indoor activities: table tennis, darts, billiard, Air Hockey table.
The beauty of the landscape is constantly admired by both tourists and amateur and/or professional fishermen who have made a tradition of trying to catch the "capture of their life".
Sunrise Complex and Fisherman Village have a sleeping capacity of 120 people, 28 rooms in hotel and 22 rooms and 12 apartaments in Fisherman Village, a restaurant where we serve international products and deltaic cuisine, bar.
In the Fisherman's Village at your disposal you have bungalows with traditional architecture 3* and 4* comfort standard classification. Each room is equipped with bathroom, cosmetics, air conditioning, TV, minibar.

Updated: 21.09.2021