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pension Meridian Fundata

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City: Fundata

pension Meridian 4****

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Address: Com. Fundata, Str. Principala nr. 233, jud. Brasov

Description pension Meridian

Meridian Bed & Breakfast offers you the ingredients for a perfect vacation on the top of the mountains. In Fundata, the highest inhabited village in Romania, you can breath fresh air, one of the freshest in the country. This was scientifically proven and if you don?t believe us you can take a walk to the weather station and see the measurements by yourself.

The bed & breakfast was opened in 2007 and it was recognized for the standards it offers to customers. It was classified as a four daisies bed & breakfast (the equivalent of a four stars hotel). For our customers we invested a lot in details: big rooms with plenty of light, quality furniture, worm colors. All these were done in order to offer you a cozy environment. We built two special places for you to relax: a terrace at height and gazebo for barbeque, which can be used even in winter. You can enjoy here with friends a barbeque and a glass of wine.

We thought also at your kids. For them we created a special place for playing; a slide, a rocking chair, toy horses, balls should help them feel like they are on vacation.

Updated: 20.06.2024