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hotel Sud Giurgiu

Hotel Sud GPS positioning:   43.9071949, 25.976432
City: Giurgiu
Distance to station: 1.77 km
Distance from city centre: 0.8 km

hotel Sud 3***

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: Giurgiu, Str. Constantin Brancoveanu nr. 3, jud. Giurgiu

Description hotel Sud

The hotel can accommodate up to 142 guests and it has 10 double rooms (with double - matrimonial bed), 53 twin rooms (with 2 beds) and 8 suites (with 2 rooms: bedroom and living room) decorated in different colors and located on four floors. All rooms have amenities including air-conditioning, mini bar, TV sets, sofas, cable and wireless internet access, bathroom with shower cabin and hair dryer, and the apartments offer you Jacuzzi tube and shower cabin.

The restaurant has 2 exquisite salons, which can be accessed from the reception or directly from outside. The “Golden” salon located upstairs accommodates up to 100 persons, has modern features such as air-conditioning, internet access, plasma TV sets, multiplex sound, ventilation and a wonderful terrace. The “Silver” salon located at ground-floor houses 2 parlors: one which has 40 seats with bar for smokers, and the second one which has 120 seats for non-smokers, which also offers amenities including air-conditioning, wireless internet access, plasma TV sets, multiplex sound and a terrace of 40 seats. The kitchen offers not only local specialties, but also food specific to different countries, festive meals, and menus for special occasions including wedding or christenings.

Hotel Sud has 2 conference “Silver” Rooms with a capacity of 20 seats equipped full option: multiplex audio system, plasma TV sets, projection screen 2X3 m, laptop for presentations, wireless internet access, flipchart and air-conditioning. The “Business” Room has 8 seats and facilities including phone, wireless internet access, plasma TV sets, projection screen 2x3m, air-conditioning, and its own bathroom. The “Golden” Room has 165 places, 2 simultaneous translation cabins, multiplex audio system, projection screen, projector, laptop for presentations, fixed and mobile microphones, wireless internet access, flipchart, air-conditioning and a balcony.

For a rejuvenating retreat for our customers, who visit this oasis of tranquility and relaxation, our recreational facilities encompass sauna, massage, fitness, aerobic, billiard, table tennis, internet access, laptops, and for groups we offer tourist opportunities in the area including short Danube cruises.

The parking lot has 500 mp and it has video surveillance all around, the access and the exit in the parking lot are assisted.

Hotel Sud pays particular attention to the special events celebrated in our majestic ballrooms. For the wedding celebrations, the hotel offers the grooms, for FREE, a nuptial suite, and for christenings we offer the happy parents, for FREE, a matrimonial suite with a crib for the baby.

Updated: 18.05.2024