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Accomodation in pensions

pension Craciuneasa Gura Raului

Pension Craciuneasa GPS positioning:   45.7983273, 24.1255826
City: Gura Raului
Distance to station: 12.72 km
Distance from city centre: 13.14 km
Distance to ski : 13.15 km

pension Craciuneasa 1*

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: Gura Raului, Raul Mare-Cibin (KM 18), jud. Sibiu

Description pension Craciuneasa

For those who want a change of pace, air or hiking, we propose winter Romanian Alaska, instead of Switzerland. 
Switzerland, in Romania, can be equated with Prahova Valley or Bran-Moeciu.
Romanian Alaska is wild, scary, rustic spirit harrowing, but relaxing and wonderful. 
Advantages of a weekend in Romanian Alaska are: low price, short distance and relatively easy way to reach by car (274 km Bucharest-Sibiu). Ramnicu Valcea route is Bucharest-Sibiu (274 km) and then 30 km in the mountains at the foot Cindrel mountain, besides Raul Mare. From Sibiu to Sebes, in the village Cristian turn left towards Orlat again left to Gura Raului village and then along the dam on Raul Mare to Craciuneasa in the heart of Romanian Alaska. 
For you could come to stay with a vision to strengthen your spirit and leave more relaxed. On an island surrounded by icy rivers there is a renovated cottage, built of logs, well heated, rustic, clean, with access to kitchen, hot showers, toilets. 
Remember, it is not Switzerland, but Romanian Alaska, wilder more rustic but cheaper and not the ends of the earth.

Updated: 27.02.2021