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pension Ovy And Dya Hateg

Pension Ovy And Dya GPS positioning:   ,
City: Hateg

pension Ovy And Dya 3***

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Address: Hateg, str. Horea nr. 142, jud. Hunedoara

Description pension Ovy And Dya

Pensiunea Ovy and Dya is located in Hateg, in the region of Hunedoara, 1 kilometer away from the center of town. We offer an inground outdoor swimming pool and a backyard grill located next to a large gazebo. Other amenities include a private conference room, a large backyard play area for children, and a patio with the a view of the swimming pool.

Each room has a flat screen TV, a mini fridge, free wifi, a private bathroom, and a private balcony.

Guests also have a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with TV and sofa, and a dining area at their disposal.

Updated: 30.05.2020