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villa Zoe Mamaia

Villa Zoe GPS positioning:   44.2363866848, 28.6230647564
City: Mamaia
Distance to station: 7.44 km
Distance from city centre: 3.24 km

villa Zoe 4****

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Address: Mamaia nr. 331, jud. Constanta

Description villa Zoe

Located in the centre of the Mamaia resort, at about 150 meters from the seafront promenade, the beach, the central station of the gondola lift, the Mamaia casino and the pier from where you take the boat towards the island Ovidiu on lake Siutghiol, surrounded by nightclubs and restaurants, Villa Zoe is modernly equipped and is composed of three double rooms, one triple room, an apartment and a junior suit, all rooms with bathroom. Downstairs we have a living room and a kitchen fitted out and equipped with everything necessary for relaxation and cooking. Around the villa have a tastefully landscaped courtyard where you will find a pond, a gazebo where you can dine, a large thatched umbrella in the shade of which you can enjoy your coffee or other drinks, two hammocks for relaxation and habitual barbeque.

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Updated: 30.11.2023