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chalet Aurel Padis

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City: Padis

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Address: Padis, jud. Bihor

Description chalet Aurel

Wooden cottage rental just 45 EUR / day for 7 people.

Chalet is located in a secluded and peaceful tourist area padis of the Apuseni Mountains at an altitude of 1300 m is near to tourist routes: Fortress of Ponor, Bisericuta Motului; Rădeasa; Circuit Magura game; Circuit yellow circuit Barsa Pit , Glacier Fire Alive.

The cottage has 2 rooms, one with double bed and single bed upstairs and the other with 4 beds, 2 each bunk has kitchen with potable running water from the spring, fridge, bathroom shower, patio with gazebo and barbecue.

Updated: 06.06.2023