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pension Castelul De Smarald Pangarati

Pension Castelul De Smarald GPS positioning:   ,
City: Pangarati

pension Castelul De Smarald 4****

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Address: Pangarati, sat Pangaracior nr. 157, jud. Neamt

Description pension Castelul De Smarald

Pension Emerald Castle is situated in Pangarati in a natural setting, 11 km away from the city of Piatra Neamt.
Pension Castle Emerald differs in architecture and offers guests a total of 8 rooms, threshold adjusted. Our guests have the options of single, double or triple rooms and an apartment, a modern kitchen and a comfortable dining area.
Pension Castle Emerald has private parking also available.
Our facilities combine perfectly modern comforts and convenience with old-world rustic charm. The warm atmosphere makes every moment spent in Pension Emerald Castle unforgettable.
Our spacious garden welcomes you to discover its flora and fauna and the joy of breathing fresh mountain air.
The association of Emerald with the name of the Pension is not accidental, as Emerald is a symbol of immortality, resilience to negative energies and, bears the symbol of eternal love. For this reason, the emerald is considered the stone of hope and love.
Intense emerald green is reminiscent of the rebirth of nature, the joy of spring and the tranquility of this season, moods and feelings that we tried to transpose into pension arrangement.
Come join us for a visit which will relax the mind and refresh the soul.

Updated: 10.07.2024