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pension Zoltan-Erika Praid

Pension Zoltan-Erika GPS positioning:   ,
City: Praid

pension Zoltan-Erika 3***

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Address: Praid, str. Noua nr. 233, jud. Harghita
Pension Zoltan-Erika
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Description pension Zoltan-Erika

Our accomodation is a 3 star pension situated in Praid which is famous about it's mine, the biggest Salt-mine around East Europe.
The structure of the pension includes 3 different buildings in the same yard and a 30 seats restaurant. Each building offers various comfort types, designed to supply all kind of demands on the market.

I. Class accomodation type: 4 executive rooms: each with double beds, toilets - shower room, catv, wifi
Total capacity: 8 persons + 3 extra beds

II. Class accomodation type: double room apartman with toilet and shower room, each room with 3 single beds, wifi, catv:
Total capacity: 6 persons

III. Class accomodation: double, triple, 4 beded rooms with toilets and shower rooms on the hall ways, wifi, catv.
Total capacity: 22 persons.
This type of accomodation ideal for organised groupes, friends, families, students.

Updated: 14.07.2024