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Accomodation in pensions

pension Casa Dunarea Predeal

Pension Casa Dunarea GPS positioning:   45.6148047, 25.6839032
City: Predeal
Distance to station: 14.9 km
Distance from city centre: 14.64 km
Distance to ski : 15.31 km

pension Casa Dunarea 3***

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Address: Predeal, Str. Panduri nr. 31, jud. Brasov
Pension Casa Dunarea
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Description pension Casa Dunarea

If you want a mountain vacation, our pension*** offers the best conditions to spend an unforgettable vacation with family and friends.
We are a good host for those who love peace and especially for those who love hiking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking .... adrenaline in general.
Once at our house you decide if you enjoy peace and dishes our restaurant or if, the very next day you go to visit the natural beauty of the mountains surrounding Predeal.
Please remember that Predeal is a city situated at the highest altitude in Romania (1030-1110 m) and that since 1852 was mountainous customs point between Romanian country and Transylvania.
Casa Dunarea is located 25 meters from the main road to just before the exit Brasov Predeal. We offer accommodation for all situations in which you can only spend a holiday or weekend.
We have rooms with double beds, triple rooms - bed and one single bed, apartment and studio.
If you want best privacy you will need to spend time with friends and family giving you an exclusive space features a large living room, 5 bedrooms with double beds, own kitchen and 2 bathrooms.
Internet via wireless connection will help at no cost, to keep in touch with your friends left back home.
We did not forget your colleagues who are still working.For them we'll offer besides accommodation and conference room equipped with video projector and flippchart coffe break wich is on the house.
Parking space is video monitored continuously to prevent any inconvenience.

Proof of our success are our loyal customers who return to us year after year.

Updated: 31.05.2020