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Accomodation in pensions

pension Maria Rachitele

Pension Maria GPS positioning:   46.713577, 22.894806
City: Rachitele
Distance from city centre: 1.05 km

pension Maria 3***

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: Rachitele, com. Margau, nr.465/A, jud. Cluj

Description pension Maria

Pension Maria, located in the town of cranberries, Cluj County, offers excellent conditions to spend your holiday, holidays, vacation or weekend in a special environment.

The village is situated at the foot of the mountain cranberries Vladeasa. Here the air is cleaner, trees taller and more beautiful people!

If you want to relax and feel good, choose House Maria, a place where comfort, hospitality and civilization harmoniously with nature.

Updated: 20.06.2024