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chalet Transalpina Ranca

Chalet Transalpina GPS positioning:   ,
City: Ranca

chalet Transalpina

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Address: Comuna Baia de Fier, Zona Cornesul Mare, DN67C (Transalpina), km 34 plus 800, 217030, Jud Gorj

Description chalet Transalpina

Cabana Transalpina is the highest and the most beautiful chalet in Ranca. It is situated in the Parang Mountains, under the Papusa Peak (2136 m), at an altitude of 1756 m, at 20 km Novaci and 25 km Obarsia Lotrului. The access is by the Transalpina Road (dn 67c km 34+800), at the exit Ranca if coming Novaci (at the entrance if coming Obarsia Lotrului). There are 75 m the asphalt road. It is near the ski lift Ranca 1, in the alpine zone and it offers a panoramic view of the area. It features double rooms with matrimonial bed, each with tv Led, private bathroom, and balcony. Tourists can use for free the fully-equipped kitchen, the dining room with lcd and audio, the Wi-fi Internet access, the 120 mp patio, the outside grills and the parking lot. Video presentation available on our site .

Updated: 06.12.2022