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pension Valea Mariei Ranca

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City: Ranca

pension Valea Mariei 4****

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Address: Novaci-Ranca, str. Ioan Roibu nr. 23, jud. Gorj
Pension Valea Mariei
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Description pension Valea Mariei

Pension Maria Valley is new , opened in December 2008 . It is located at the entrance to the resort Ranca in a quiet and picturesque area on the edge of a forest of trees .

The 10 rooms are spacious, solid wood beds plus 2 armchairs and sofa .

As attractions benefit from: 50m flying fox , amusement park for children big and small slides , carousel , trampoline , trout , sports , ATVs , bicycles, fitness room , terrace, etc. .

All rooms are facing south -west , was lit in most of the day and offers guests a view of a breathtaking mountain scenery .

Each room has huge terraces (10 sqm ), also oriented stunning Parang offered , satellite TV , LCD TV, spacious bathroom , furniture and joinery of wood ash , hot / cold water permanently.

The furniture of the restaurant is handmade by a sculptor in traditional mountain style with folk music that you can listen to , create an atmosphere of the area.

We invite you to taste dishes prepared novacenesc of products from local producers on farms . Of course, the menu can also be varied according to the requests received .

In addition the hotel has been built so that our clients can see how clean the cookers cooks in the kitchen.

Features : bar , restaurant , parking with over 10 spaces , garden / courtyard , room service, terrace , barbecue , living room with TV , wine cellar , dining room .

The cottage is located about 1, 7 km from the ski .

A big advantage that our customers can enjoy the fact that we have a huge parking lot for over 20 cars and the period in which a fault occurs in the resort, we are equipped with backup generator and a large debit put guesthouse serves.

Disadvantages you can meet in our house are:
Do not eat or smoke in the rooms ( but there are terraces for each room ) and you will have not the opportunity to enjoy music like " manele " in the restaurant !

In addition guesthouse has not dining for tourists who want to come with their own food and drinks and consume them , for this version there are villas and chalets in resort that offers only beds with chitchen.

You are welcome !

Updated: 06.12.2022