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pension Melania Rasinari

Pension Melania GPS positioning:   45.714645, 24.081023
City: Rasinari
Distance to station: 10.32 km
Distance from city centre: 1.2 km

pension Melania 3***

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Address: Str. Sub Costiţă - nr. 1540, Localitate Răşinari

Description pension Melania

Situated at 12 km south-west from the city of Sibiu and having access to the highest mountain resort: Paltinis, at the foot of the Cindrel Mountains, Rasinari is the true image of “The ideal mountain settlement”.
Răşinari, “the spinal column of the romanticism” (O. Goga), was confirmed documentarily in 1204, being the oldest settlement from the Mărginimea Sibiului.

The villagers have preserved over the years the traditions from father to son, emphasizing their value. These traditions are in perfect harmony with the time-honoured characteristics of the village and the local architecture.
Răşinari has given to our country personalities like: Octavian Goga, Emil Cioran, Ilarie Mitrea, S. P. Barcianu. Village of an imposing grandeur and originality, a settlement of the nature and of the people that made it, Rasinari offers to the tourist not only a dowry of the past but also a mountain scenery with country roads and woodsy paths unaltered by people.

Updated: 31.01.2023