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pension Bunica Eugenia Sibiel

Pension Bunica Eugenia GPS positioning:   45.7670285291, 23.9105085614
City: Sibiel
Distance to station: 2.32 km
Distance from city centre: 4.55 km

pension Bunica Eugenia 3***

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Address: Sibiel, str. Unghiului, nr. 81, jud. Sibiu

Description pension Bunica Eugenia

Bunica Eugenia, approved by the Ministry of Tourism at 3 daisies, is located in the middle of the village of Sibiel, halfway between the church - the Museum of Glass Icons Pr. Zosim Oancea and the House of Culture of the Village - Pavilion, on a quiet street parallel to the street main - DJ 106.

After stepping behind the wooden gate, like a fortress, you will discover a courtyard full of flowers and hosts here, at Bunica Eugenia Guesthouse in Sibiel, with a sincere smile and with the joy of sharing the stories and legends of the place.

The house, authenticly preserved and decorated in a traditional style, will be your warm and nostalgic dream of dreams of childhood. The guesthouse offers spacious places for dining and leisure.

The guesthouse is open to everyone who wants to rediscover nature, taste traditional dishes, find ancient habits, and make a fresh mountain air cure.

We are waiting for you!

Updated: 14.05.2021