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pension Casa Romana I Sibiu

Pension Casa Romana I GPS positioning:   ,
City: Sibiu

pension Casa Romana I 3***

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Address: Sibiu, str. General Magheru nr. 40, jud. Sibiu

Description pension Casa Romana I

"Romanian House" located downtown, just 5 minutes from the train station, and a step of Piata Mare of town near the hospital Polisano, is the perfect location for vacations, business trips or for a halt for a day or two.

Restored in 2008, under the roof of a Saxon house in the center of Sibiu, on the brink of the Roman Catholic Ursuline guesthouse inspires an relaxing air, bohemian and cultural.

Rates subject to change during periods of major holidays, festivals or different evenimente. This will be announced by phone or e-mai

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Updated: 05.12.2021