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pension Holzhaus Sibiu

Pension Holzhaus GPS positioning:   45.6892965, 24.1587855
City: Sibiu
Distance to station: 12.33 km
Distance from city centre: 12.21 km

pension Holzhaus 3***

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: Tocile, jud. Sibiu

Description pension Holzhaus

Welcome !

Holzhaus it’s located in a beautiful place not so far to the city center , Sibiu at 9,5 km.
We have for you 8 rooms, all with balcony to give you the chance to admire the neighborhood.
You can rent bikes to explore the surrounding like Cisnadioara or Cisnadie or to visit the old town in Sibiu.

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Updated: 06.12.2021