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pension Noroc Si Fericire Targu Mures

Pension Noroc Si Fericire GPS positioning:   46.550144, 24.560402
City: Targu Mures
Distance to station: 2.03 km
Distance from city centre: 0.83 km

pension Noroc Si Fericire 3***

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Address: str Mihai Eminescu Nr 34,Targu Mures,jud Mures,Romania

Description pension Noroc Si Fericire

Located on Str. Mihai Eminescu Nr. 34, only 5 minutes from downtown, Good luck and Happiness Pension is the perfect choice for those who want to forget the stress of the city, and also to find the quiet of their home.

Once accommodated at Good luck and Happiness Pension, the routes to sightseeing are easy to follow because both Medieval fortress, and the National Theater are in the next neighborhood to visitors. Rose Square stands out with the architecture of Culture Palace and of the Administrative Building, but also through the park with roses in the city center. Culture Palace, a major tourist attraction, hosts the History Museum, Art Museum, Hall Mirror, County Library, Targu Mures Philharmonic.

For those wishing to visit churches in Targu Mures can find Orthodox Cathedral (in Rose Square), Reformed Church (in the Medieval Fortress), Roman Catholic Church (in Rose Square), Stone Church and Wood Church (near Medieval Fortress ) and Temple Israel (near in Rose Square).

For relaxation and sport you can spend a pleasant day in the Recreation Complex Weekend at 10 minutes (driving with car from the pension). Swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball mini-football where you can burn calories and the terraces will offer all types of food from “mititei” up to the pretentious menu.

10 minutes away by car, you can take a relaxing ride to Plateau Cornesti, which is surrounded by a vast forest of oak and hornbeam. Situated at the highest height of Targu Mures, Plateau opens a wide panorama over the city and river Mures valley. Nature and trekking lovers can follow many mini - trails.

Good luck and Happiness Pension has an excellent location, having access to both cultural-historical are of city Targu Mures and the commercial area.

Pension offers both tourists and business people relax and comfort.

Updated: 06.12.2021