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Accomodation in pensions

pension Sanda Targu Mures

Pension Sanda GPS positioning:   46.5198542, 24.6222202
City: Targu Mures
Distance to station: 5.77 km
Distance from city centre: 5.71 km

pension Sanda 2**

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: Corunca, Str. Principala nr. 24-25, jud. Mures

Description pension Sanda

Pension Sanda is the right choice for those who want to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones. This was the idea that was started when it expanded the range of services offered to guests while preserving rates for accommodation at an affordable price.
With a ranking of 2 flowers guesthouse Sanda is distinguished by exquisite rustic elegance and through a wide range of recreational activities, the hotel offers accommodation and services designed to meet the most demanding requirements and expectations.
The unit also has a dining room with a capacity of 50 places where you can eat or you can organize various events.

Updated: 06.12.2021