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Accomodation in pensions
Vila Raluca GPS positioning:   45.662137, 25.766623
City: Tohanu Vechi
Distance to station: km
Distance from city centre: km

villa Raluca 3***

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: Carpinis
villa Raluca - Facilities
Kitchen Kitchen
Fridge Fridge
Barbeque Barbeque
Own bathroom Own bathroom
Heating Heating
Internet Internet
Cable Internet Cable Internet
Games (chess, remy, checkers) Games (chess, remy, checkers)
Orchard Orchard
Playground Playground
Ping-pong table Ping-pong table
Free parking on premise Free parking on premise
Pool Pool
Dinning room Dinning room
Entertainment room Entertainment room
Sledge Sledge
Loud music Loud music
Sound system Sound system
TV in the living room TV in the living room
Phone room Phone room
Terrace Terrace
Sports field Sports field

Foreign languages

Pool:  Da