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pension Casa Elvira Vama

Pension Casa Elvira GPS positioning:   47.5729363, 25.6902937
City: Vama
Distance to station: 10.96 km
Distance from city centre: 0.62 km

pension Casa Elvira 3***

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Address: Vama, str. Closca , nr. 1 bis,Bucovina, jud. Suceava.

Description pension Casa Elvira

CASA ELVIRA (ELVIRA MANSION), property of Băieş family from Vama village, is situated right at the crossroads between trans-carpathian main road Suceava - Cluj Napoca (E576) and historical road to the holy Monastery Vatra Moldoviţei, at only 100 meters from Moldoviţa river, only 1 km higher than the fusion with the legendary river - Moldova. The unique geographical placement, only 15 km from Vatra Moldoviţei, 20 km from the holy Monastery of Voroneţ, 25 km from Humor Monastery and 25 km from the Rarau mountain, different possibilities for arrival (on the road, from three directions, on the railway and by plane - through Suceava international Airport - only 50 km far) and the rare charme of the neighbourhood makes CASA ELVIRA a "must see and stay" place on the map of every holiday route, any season and any hour. Bucovinian winter, with its rich snows, spring with its wonderful and well-preservates Holy Eastern, more wonderful than any place in Romania, summer full of flowers, fruits and surprises in high country of Bucovina forests and long fall, full of sun and harvest are some reasons for forgetting the daily problems. We promise you that here, at Casa Elvira, you can be happy and free. Once, and once more...

Updated: 18.07.2024