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pension Gianina Arieseni

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City: Arieseni

pension Gianina 3***

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Address: Loc. Arieseni, Str. Centru, Nr. 31A, Jud. Alba

Description pension Gianina

One of the primary concerns of owners , aware that the overall layout and interior boundaries judicious gives much of the value of construction, architectural solution was the ideal choice .

This is a happy blend of utility and the rustic aesthetic , incorporating convenience solving desire in luxurious conditions , especially with striking modern ergonomic criteria .

Panoramic views, large balconies on all sides of the building and decorative items made ​​of wood, rustic inspiration , they only certify that the double imperative of utility and aesthetics finds this appropriate combination possibilities .

Agrotouristic Gianina offers on the ground floor , first floor and attic 8 bedrooms with bathrooms and 2 apartments , in total 24 beds , dining room with 30 seats which is waiting for a beer or a wine cooler in summer and with a brandy and mulled wine in winter . What you will find in our day is the joy of will close, exceptional comfort and traditional dishes of European size .

The rooms are each equipped with double bed, TV , mini fridge , balcony , free internet access , bathroom equipped with shower , hairdryer .

The apartments are equipped like rooms , but in day rooms ( living room) are also equipped with TV , mini fridge , leather sofa and 2 armchairs still many leather . One apartment has 2 bathrooms .

The guesthouse has its own restaurant with a capacity of 30 seats , parking space for preparation of grilled , gazebo for outdoor dining , playgrounds for children.

Updated: 03.12.2023