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pension Casa Sasului Bazna

Pension Casa Sasului GPS positioning:   46.190021978, 24.2862404468
City: Bazna
Distance to station: 5.87 km
Distance from city centre: 1.26 km

pension Casa Sasului 3***

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Address: Bazna, Str. Avram Iancu, Nr. 136, Jud. Sibiu

Prices Pension Casa Sasului

1 Iun 2020 - 4 Oct 2020
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Price / room Price / Single
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Double room
120 RON 100 RON 240 RON Info
180 RON 150 RON 360 RON Info
5 Oct 2020 - 29 Dec 2020
Room type
Price / room Price / Single
Price / weekend
Double room
110 RON 90 RON 220 RON Info
160 RON 130 RON 320 RON Info

Description pension Casa Sasului

Sasului house is located strategically near the spa complex, so you will not lose unnecessary time whenever you want to go to treatment.

All rooms perfectly combines traditional elements with contemporary ones having always feel like you are trapped in the nineteenth century but still having the capabilities of a modern guesthouses of the XXI century.

House Sasului has 8 double rooms, one room with 4 seats and one suite, all with private bathrooms, cable TV LED and a relaxation area where you can enjoy the tranquility of an ancient Saxon village a cup of morning coffee or a good wine evening.

A table can serve either in the kitchen, where the possibility of Self-catering and dining room with a capacity of 24 seats, or the two terraces that are in the yard where you can cook a grilled.

The possibilities for leisure are varied and can be put to provisions modern bikes for crossing routes Cross Country on marked trails, the walk to neighboring villages to admire the fortified churches, and spending a day superb fishing pond which is only 100m we.

House Sasului waiting with us for spending a relaxing holiday in a really nice atmosphere.

We are waiting for you!

Updated: 03.06.2020