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villa Cristina Corbu

Villa Cristina GPS positioning:   44.1598013, 28.6348138
City: Corbu
Distance to station: 1.41 km

villa Cristina

Phone number: Click here to see the phone number!
Address: Corbu, Str. Lastunului nr. 21, jud. Constanta

Description villa Cristina

Vila Cristina Corbu offers you a wonderful and relaxing time vacation near to one of best and wild place in Romania seaside. Vila Cristina has been recently renewed, providing 3 apartments with different sizes, being full equiped with all household appliances like laundry machine, tv led, wifi, video games, kitchen with fridge, cooking stove, microwave oven and all cooking tools and dishes. There is also a large terrace at the first floor and one in the garden where you can enjoy your cofee or serving the meals.

Updated: 14.06.2024