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hotel Dragana Cugir Cugir

Hotel Dragana Cugir GPS positioning:   45.8424238956, 23.3610797621
City: Cugir
Distance to station: 1.55 km
Distance from city centre: 1.08 km

hotel Dragana Cugir 2**

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Address: Cugir, str. Alexandru Sahia, nr. 20, jud. Alba

Description hotel Dragana Cugir

Hotel Dragana is situated in downtown Cugir, Alba, Romania. Cugir belongs to the county of Alba, and is located 38 km away from Alba Iulia, about 25 km away from Orastie and 30 km away from the town of Sebes.
Hotel Dragana Cugir has a capacity of 57 rooms. The hotel is equipped with cable TV, internet WI-FI, telephone, personal bathrooms, safety deposit box, beauty salon, fax, restaurant, laundry, free parking.

Updated: 28.03.2023