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Accomodation in pensions
Hotel The Garden Resort GPS positioning:   45.4738542, 25.2992451
City: Moieciu
Distance to station: km
Distance from city centre: km

hotel The Garden Resort 3***

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Address: Str. Drumul Carului, nr. 56g, Moeciu
hotel The Garden Resort - Facilities
Pool table Pool table
Copy machine Copy machine
Safety box Safety box
Disco Disco
Equestrianism Equestrianism
Fax Fax
Flipchart Flipchart
Fridge Fridge
Culinary specialties Culinary specialties
Own bathroom Own bathroom
Heating Heating
Internet Internet
Cable Internet Cable Internet
Games (chess, remy, checkers) Games (chess, remy, checkers)
Living room Living room
Camping site Camping site
Playground Playground
Breakfast / half board Breakfast / half board
Massage room Massage room
Suitable for events Suitable for events
Free parking on premise Free parking on premise
Accepts VISA Accepts VISA
Bio products Bio products
Restaurant Restaurant
Room-service Room-service
Conference room Conference room
Dinning room Dinning room
Relaxing room Relaxing room
Entertainment room Entertainment room
Sauna Sauna
Pets allowed Pets allowed
Loud music Loud music
Smoking allowed Smoking allowed
Safety box at the reception
Safety box at the reception
Sound system Sound system
Washer Washer
TV in the living room TV in the living room
Terrace Terrace
Fieldtrips Fieldtrips
Projector Projector

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