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villa Elektra Vama Veche

Villa Elektra GPS positioning:   43.747559, 28.576851
City: Vama Veche
Distance to station: 8.24 km
Distance from city centre: 0.71 km

villa Elektra 3***

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Address: Vama Veche, Str. Pescarusului, jud. Constanta

Description villa Elektra

To offer an unforgettable experience, Elektra Vama Veche meets its guests with an elegant proposal combining two architectural styles Victorian and Baroque. All the elements are harmoniously combined to provide comfort, pleasure and a relaxing holyday over the Black Sea coast.
Carefully chosen the location provides to all guests rooms a marvelous sea views and private beach specially designed to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and a refreshing drink under a nice umbrella. After a day spent under the sun our bar is the perfect choice to satisfy even the most demanding desires in terms of fine drinks. We offer our guests a unique selection of Romanian wines along with an international selection of blended drinks and cocktails prepared by our experienced bartenders. The guests rooms comfort is enhanced by generous balconies found in all our rooms and apartments. We offer our guests Queen Rooms with a matrimonial bed, Twin Rooms with two single beds and Deluxe Apartments all prepared at a high-end standard of quality and comfort.
Elektra concept is based on our attention to detail and focused on our guest’s wellbeing offering a friendly and peaceful place where you can enjoy your time with your family and friends on our private sunny beach. Among our top activities we offer sea fishing trips, horseback riding or scuba diving lessons with our experienced instructors. We invite you to spend an unforgettable holyday in Vama Veche and let a professional enthusiastic team to answer all your needs 24/7.

Updated: 06.06.2023